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With only 2 more days until the start of our Winter Reading Challenge we thought it best to dust off some classic stories that never grow old! You might be surprised by how many versions of these tales exist, but that's half the fun. Explore the differences and similarities within each iteration of these timeless books and movies, as you discover the origin behind these legends of the literary world.

Peter Pan
by J.M. Barrie

This classic has been retold every which way. From page to film, the variety of perspectives and time periods that have featured the tale of a boy who can fly are almost endless and are sure to continue for decades to come. Think happy thoughts and explore the selections below, all inspired by Barrie's children's story.

Greek Myths

Every version of a Greek myth that exists today is a re-telling of the original writings by Homer and Hesiod. These poets laid the foundation of a creation story that still inspires writers today. From Percy Jackson to Frankenstein, there are almost too many variations to feature. Below are a few kid-friendly tales inspired by these ancient myths.