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Sometimes, a label is the only thing that keeps you from picking up a good book. Here at BCLS, we would hate for that to happen to teens on the lookout for something good to read, so we’re sharing a few titles shelved in adult fiction that could happily land in their hands. 

Ninth House
Protagonist Galaxy “Alex” Stern is not a hero. But she is a woman strong enough to survive a multiple homicide and uncover the grisly truths that the secret societies of Yale are hiding. This urban fantasy exudes a feeling of dark academia.

Chosen Ones
Have you ever asked yourself what happens after the final battle between the destined hero and the villain? What happens to the teenage magical girl once she becomes an adult? This book by Veronica Roth explores a grim reality of what happens to a story’s chosen one once they have fulfilled their series-long purpose.

Every Heart a Doorway
This is an atmospheric and darker novel that welcomes the reader into Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children, introducing children who have traveled through closets and crevices to far-off worlds and are desperately trying to find their doorways back. Think of this story as a blend between the whimsies of the world of Narnia, with the creepiness of a horror film.

If you’re looking for more titles, check out the titles below or try out BCLS’s personalized service Book Match to find your next read.