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Want to learn about traditional clothing from around the world? Check out All Dressed Up Like Me, a series of programs geared for children and families. Each program focuses on a particular garment and our next event about crowned headwrappings will be presented by Latasha Waters on June 10 at 6:30 pm on Zoom. Registration is required.

During each All Dressed Up Like Me program, we will explore:

  • The clothing's history
  • What it is
  • The way it's made
  • How it's worn
  • Why it's worn
  • Its overall cultural and/or religious significance

Headwraps are a traditional attire in many African cultures. They can be used to protect your head and hair from the sun, as well as a beautiful expression of craftsmanship and fashion. Historically, they have also been used to indicate a woman’s social status. Eventually associated with enslavement, African women reclaimed this traditional attire. Headwraps are a statement of African culture and celebration.

In addition to learning about this garment, a group tutorial will be conducted to teach you different headwrapping styles, tricks and tips. We hope you enjoy the fun! And remember, you're welcome to join the program even if you don't want to make a headwrap. You'll still learn a lot!