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The world is an overwhelming place right now and each day brings another battle with frustration. But with so many things to be anxious about (the pandemic, climate change, being unable to hang out with friends and family), it can be difficult to express our feelings in a cathartic way. One of the things we like to do is read a book that we know will make us cry. Okay, it sounds strange, but think about it. With all that's happening in the world, sometimes it's helpful to have a good reason to cry.

We channel the maelstrom of emotions into the characters contained within the pages of a book and express it in a healthy way. Sometimes it is a cinematic single tear gliding down the cheek, but it can also be a snot-running-down-the-face, red-as-a-tomato ugly cry. This type of crying feels as comforting as exhaling a breath held in too long.

The books below will make you cry for a range of reasons; joy, heartbreak and at the sheer beauty of the stories. If none of these titles get the tears flowing, you can always contact your local library branch or use the library's Book Match service to find your next tearjerker.