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This year’s Batman Day is bigger than ever as DC Comics is also celebrating 80 years of Batman! The Dark Knight made his first appearance in May, 1939 in Detective Comics’ issue 27. 80 years later, Detective Comics is releasing their 1000th issue

Since his debut, Batman, created by artist Bob Kane and writer, Bill Finger, has put a lot on his resume. Staring in his own comics, television series, animated cartoons, video games and major blockbuster movies, Batman continues to be one of the world’s most-loved superheroes.

Honor this vigilante by visiting your local library and check out all things Batman!

Did you know?

  • In his live-action movies, Batman has been played by, Lewis G Wilson, Robert Lowrey, Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, Will Arnett, and Ben Affleck.
  • Robert Pattinson is said to play the character in a film projected for 2021.
  • The superhero’s real name Bruce Wayne, is a combination of Robert the Bruce a Scottish revolutionary hero and Mad Anthony Wayne an American revolutionary hero.
  • A course called, The Science of Batman, is offered at the Canadian University of Victoria.
  • A bill of $1,000,000 was raised to ensure real penguins could be used in the filming of Batman Returns. This was spent on cooling, food, accommodation and shipment.
  • Batman’s online screen name is JonDoe297.
  • In 2015, Bruce Wayne’s net worth was said to be $9.2 billion, making him the 3rd richest superhero behind Tony Stark ($12.4 billion) and T’Challa (90.7 trillion).