Better Get HealthyBetter get healthy. Your life may depend on it. Nutrition and a healthy diet are just a few things to keep in mind if you want to be at the top your game. But did you know that being healthy can translate to lots of things including how active you are, how much sleep you get each night and what type of additives are in the foods you eat.

Use the Health Reference Center to get information on all this and lots more. This library resource has special areas of health just for kids and teens along with many entries to help you understand how the body works.

Future doctors and nurses can also go a step further to explore a future career in medicine? Since there are so-o-o many things to learn and remember you might as well get started now.  Discover which components make up the important systems of the body or learn unique tidbits like how the endocrine system communicates with the nervous system via chemical messengers called hormones! Who said communication was all verbal or non-verbal?