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We know what you’re thinking, “But…Book Lovers Day is every day!” and you’re right, it sure is! However, while the origin of this unofficial holiday is unknown, it does give us an excuse to take some extra time out of our busy lives and dedicate a bit more time to our love of reading and books.

There’s many ways that this day can be celebrated, aside from the obvious read a book, or at least a few extra chapters than you’d normally allow.  You can visit your local library, or bookstore. If you have some leftover cash from your summer job, why not buy some fun book-ish merch like a tote bag or mug? Don’t want to spend the extra cash? Then maybe you’d like to reorganize your own personal library and bookshelves—maybe by the color of the spine or alphabetically by the author’s name. You can create a little book nook in your room with a comfy chair or pillows. Whatever is more aesthetically pleasing to you-go for it! And finally, another way you could celebrate this fun holiday is by reading our selection of new and classic YA books that feature book-loving characters. Let’s share in our book loving ways by reading about characters who totally get it.