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Each year, the American Library Association recognizes the most distinguished children’s book of the previous year with the Newbery Medal. First presented in 1921, the Newbery Medal was the first children’s book award in the world. In 1937, the Caldecott Medal was created to recognize the artist of the previous year’s most distinguished picture book.

This year, we’re continuing our tradition of asking our Youth Services staff to predict the Caldecott and Newbery Medal winners before they are announced January 28.

Which were your favorite children’s books of 2018?

Ms Holly | Evesham Library

Caldecott Caldecott Caldecott Newbery



Miss Hannah | Evesham Library

Caldecott Caldecott Newbery

Miss Jaimie | Maple Shade Library

Caldecott Newbery

Miss Ann Marie | Bordentown Library

Caldecott Newbery

Miss Lauren | Pinelands Library

Caldecott Newbery