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If you are you struggling to decide what to read next or searching for something lighter, intriguing or different … then celebrity recommendations might be just what you’re looking for. More and more famous people are following in Oprah’s footsteps and telling us what they like to read.

Some celebrities have official book clubs you can participate in through Goodreads or Facebook, and some just post what they’re reading on Instagram. Reese Witherspoon hosts an online book club called Hello Sunshine. In June 2018 Jimmy Fallon launched a summer reading book club on The Tonight Show.  Emma Roberts runs Belletrist, a book club that highlights independent bookstores. And Sarah Michelle Gellar’s book club is less formal and can be found on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #SMGbookclub.

There’s something fun about reading celebrity book recommendations. When your favorite celebrity suggests a title, reading it makes you feel closer to them … like you have something in common or share a best-kept secret. From Sarah Jessica Parker’s new imprint, Hogarth Press to suggestions from Mindy Kaling and Michelle Obama, there is plenty of variety.