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Juneteenth (short for “June” and “nineteenth”) is also called Freedom Day or Jubilee Day. It’s a day set aside to remember the anniversary of when the Union Army announced slavery was abolished in Texas in 1865. Over the years, it has become a joyful holiday celebrating freedom and the end of slavery in the United States.

Many families and communities observe the day with parties, cookouts, Miss Juneteenth pageants and other fun activities. It’s also a day to appreciate black contributions to culture with art, music, or poetry. Right now, many people are lobbying to have Juneteenth recognized as a federal holiday by the United States government.

Kids can participate too! Learn about the history and traditions of this day with one of our Juneteenth picture books. Or, explore our collection of Coretta Scott King award-winning books that celebrate the African American experience. Happy Juneteenth!