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Did you know we’ve been celebrating National Poetry Month for a quarter of a century? According to, it was started by the Academy of American Poets 25 years ago and is still celebrated widely to this day. There are no rules about where or how to celebrate. Whether you celebrate at home or school, or by browsing the 811 non-fiction section of your local library so you can check out a few poetry books, whatever you choose is a great way to go!

Not sure where to start? There are so many different types of poems! They can rhyme or they can be written in prose. They can be really short and simple, or really long and complex. They can describe how we feel or show us a new way of thinking. However they are written, just about anyone can find poetry that is enjoyable to read. Here at BCLS, we are celebrating this beautiful literary style by suggesting a selection of books that make it fun for kids (and caregivers) to begin to explore poetry.