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Back in 1981, Beverly Cleary was busy working on her sixth book starring Ramona Quimby, a character she had introduced along with Henry Huggins in another one of her stories. After receiving numerous letters from young fans who mentioned reading Cleary's stories during the reading programs they took part in at school and local libraries, the author added a reading program to her latest book.

In Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Ramona's teacher introduces the class to the idea of Sustained Silent Reading, a period following lunch when the students will sit quietly at their desks and read any books they choose. Not liking the sound of Sustained Silent Reading, Mrs. Whaley (Ramona's teacher) changes the name to D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read).

"Ramona decided that she preferred Sustained Silent Reading to DEAR because it sounded more grown-up. When time came for everyone to Drop Everything And Read, she sat quietly doing her Sustained Silent Reading."

Whatever you choose to call it, celebrate National Library Week and Beverly Cleary's 100th birthday by putting a book in your hand and reading it! Below are some great selections from our catalog all created by the famous children's author.