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One of our favorite things to do at the library is help customers find books. So while everyone is stuck at home, we thought we'd share one of the tools our librarians use to help customers discover their next favorite read - NoveList. Just use your library card to log in and explore and endless collection of read-alikes, recommendations and more.

We all have our favorite authors, books and series. When you finish a book that you really enjoyed, it may be difficult to find that magical connection again. NoveList can help.

Didn't find exactly what you’re looking for? If lists of read-alikes aren’t capturing what appealed to you the most, try the Appeal Mixer. Here you can select factors such as the story's tone, pacing, characters and writing style. Limit your search by using a maximum of three appeal terms. For example, if you can can forgive slow plots but love character development, one of your appeal factors would be Storyline/Character-driven. If you need a little humor to lighten these anxious days, select Tone/Amusing or Funny. The combination of possibilities feels limitless and should quickly match you with the perfect book.

Are you extra busy right now, juggling e-learning with your children and possibly working from home at the same time? Make sure to schedule a little biblio-therapy for yourself. Quickly find a suggestion by exploring your favorite genre. NoveList allows you to select by genre and age group (adults, teens, 9-12, and 0-8). Choose from a wide selection, including New Fiction, Historical Fiction, Horror, Mysteries, Romance, Science Fiction and more. Many of the titles featured here have been published in the last three years.

Being a fan of something can be hard. You have to wait between seasons of your favorite shows, sit patiently until the next sequel gets greenlit or fill the void left following a series finale. Using NoveList, you can explore suggestions hand-picked for fans of...well, anything! We've highlighted a few selections below that are currently available as ebooks and audio ebooks. If you love This Is Us, Game of Thrones, Outlander or Stranger Things? Check out these digital read-alikes that you can download right to your iOS or Android device.