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Sometimes thoughts and feelings are hard to verbalize or aren't easily shared out loud. Creativity has many benefits, and expressing feelings honestly, allows you to become self-aware and to better deal with them rather than deny them. Take a moment to work on a few of these prompts. Therapeutic activities can be shown through several different mediums, whether it’s with a pen, paintbrush or choreographing a dance, see how you feel after.

  • Share your quarantine experience through poetry, journaling or art.
  • How do you hope the world will change?
  • How will you look back on this in 10, 20, 30 years?
  • What’s the happiest thing you’ve experienced in the past three weeks?
  • Show the perspective of nature or inanimate objects during quarantine.
  • Besides school, what cancellation or closure has been the hardest for you so far?
  • If you could be quarantined anywhere, where would you be?
  • What makes you feel worried?
  • What makes you feel hopeful?
  • List new hobbies you may want to try.
  • Design a dream cake to bake.
  • What are you thankful for right now?