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There is so much more to genealogy than simply putting together a list of names, places and dates. Genealogy is all about understanding the history of your family and the times when they were alive. It’s about where your ancestors came from, how their world and their experiences affected who they were, how they lived and eventually, how they came to have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, all the way to down to you. Today, it’s also about genetics and understanding how genetics affect us and our relations.

Burlington County Library has a long history of involvement with genealogy – from helping to organize the first Burlington County Genealogy Club to preserving unique materials reflecting the history of our area. Our New Jersey Collection is a special collection dedicated to Burlington County and New Jersey history and is chock-full of resources, such as cemetery records and town histories.

On Saturday, March 7, we will hold a celebration of genealogy and family history research featuring a keynote speaker and two enlightening sessions. Please join us for a great day of learning and review.

We’ll kick off the program with a 10 am keynote presentation by Michelle Tucker Chubenko of Jersey Roots Genealogy and Legacy Tree Genealogists. During the morning session entitled Genealogy 101: 21st Century Basics, attendees will learn how to use 21st century tools to find and organize information about ancestry and family histories. A professional genealogist, Michelle has more than 30 years of experience in the field and has been a researcher on TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are?

At 11:15 am, Carol Shaeffer and Nancy C. Nelson of the Central Jersey Genealogy Club will present Wherever Did I Put It. Collecting data on ancestors is fun and exciting, but organizing that data can become a daunting task, no matter how experienced you may be. Methods for organizing research and sources will be discussed, along with the benefits of doing so, including better utilization of data and improved research planning. 

Our 12:30 pm presentation, Who Do You Say I Am? Leaving a Trail by Beverly Yackel, Monmouth County Genealogical Society, will serve as a wake-up call for historians and genealogists! This session focusing on how to document your life for future generations will include photographs, vital records, letters and other types of documents and papers. How will you leave your stories to your ancestors so they will know you, not just the dates of your birth, marriage and death?