The Garden State has been home to a wide variety of people who have made contributions to society in unique ways. 

Who are some of these famous New Jerseyans? Some were born in our state while others settled here. Many others did their pioneering work at universities, labs and businesses in the Garden State!

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Actors & Entertainers

Abbott, William "Bud"
Alda, Alan
Alexander, Jason
Amos, John
Bennett, Joan
Blake, Robert
Copperfield, David
Costello, Lou
Cruise, Tom
Dee, Sandra
DePalma, Brian
Devito, Danny
Douglas, Michael
Dunst, Kirsten
Forsythe, John
Gandolfini, James
Garofalo, Janeane
Glover, Savion
Hawke, Ethan
Lewis, Jerry
Midler, Bette
Muniz, Frankie
Nelson, Ozzie
Neuwirth, Bebe
Nicholson, Jack
Pesci, Joe
Reeve, Christopher
Sarandon, Susan
Spacey, Kevin
Stewart, Jon
Streep, Meryl
Swit, Loretta
Travolta, John
Van Cleef, Lee
Vivino, "Uncle" Floyd
Wilson, Clerow "Flip"

Political & Historical Figures

Alito, Samual
Barton, Clara
Bradley, Bill
Burr, Aaron
Cleveland, Grover
Lawrence, James
Napoleon, Joseph
Paine, Thomas
Paul, Alice
Pitcher, Molly
Ross, Betsy
Scalia, Antonin
Tubman, Harriet
Wilson, Woodrow


Basie, William "Count"
Bon Jovi, Jon
Harry, Debbie
Hill, Lauryn
Houston, Whitney
Latifah, Queen
Sinatra, Frank
Simon, Paul
Smith, Patti
Spingsteen, Bruce
Vallie, Frankie
Vaughan, Sarah
Warwick, Dionne


Baumgardner, Bruce
Black, Joe
Campbell, Milt
Cramer, Roger "Doc"
Jeter, Derek
Liquori, Marty
O'Neal, Shaquille
Robeson, Paul
Stagg, Amos Alonzo
Theismann, Joe
Tyson, Mike
Weinbrecht, Donna
Westbrook, Peter

Literary Figures

Benchley, Peter
Blume, Judy
Cooper, James Fenimore
Crane, Stephen
Ginsberg, Allen
Kilmer, Alfred Joyce
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
Mailer, Norman
(Rothschild) Parker, Dorothy
Roth, Philip
Williams, William Carlos
Whitman, Walt


Aldrin, Edwin "Buzz"
Colt, Samuel
Edison, Thomas
Einstein, Albert
Holland, John P.