Going GreenProtecting the planet means taking care of the people, places and things found all around us. You have heard about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling but are these important first steps enough to ensure we live within our planetary means? Are we doing enough to ensure we have plenty of sources of clean water? This requires us to pay careful attention what goes into our lakes, streams, rivers. Even pollutants spilled on land can seep into sources of water.

Have you wondered what all the fuss is about global warming. Is the planet really getting hotter? Is there a link between the wildly fluctuating climate patterns our news reporters keep telling us about? Yes, according to scientists, the climate is more fragile than it ever was.

To understand the science behind the claims, it is important to focus on what researchers have discovered. We have made available a unique set of searchable ebooks on topics such as climate change, pollution, alternative energy, population density to help get behind the claims and begin to understand the facts.