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This year has been rough on everyone, but here at BCLS we’re thankful to have lots of terrific employees and volunteers who are always looking for ways to make life a little better for our customers. And that includes two very special helpers who are busy making safe travel plans to return to the Burlington County Library this month. Our good friends Page and Dewey let us know they are getting ready to mask up, pack their bags and fly all the way from the North Pole to pitch in and make the holidays brighter for everyone.

Page has been a BCLS scout elf for quite a while and Dewey joined the team a few years ago. They spend most of their time far away, frolicking in the snow and helping Santa get ready for the big day. At the North Pole, they sort letters from kids all over the world, tend to the reindeer and tinker around the busy village. But each year at this time, they hop in their miniature sleigh and head to Burlington County to help out at the library. Aren’t we lucky!

Soon the duo will be zipping around the bookshelves in search of some great holiday recipes and craft books to share, building a gingerbread house that’s just the right size and pulling on festive ugly sweaters for all to admire. They’ve also downloaded the Libby app to their tiny smartphones so they can read ebooks or listen to stories anytime, even after the library closes. We bet they’ll spend the rest of their free hours enjoying our virtual story times, watching classic seasonal movies, attending programs through Zoom and maybe getting into a little mischief, too!

Be sure to check back to see all the fun Page and Dewey are having hanging out at the library again this year. We can’t wait to welcome them back!