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Have you ever read something on your e-reader or tablet instead of picking up the hardcover version because you didn’t want the person sitting next to you to know what you were reading? Have you attempted to hide the latest steamy romance, YA vampire book, self-help book, or cheesy 70s sitcom in between more “respectable” items when you’re at the library, hoping it gets ignored in the mix? We get it. Really, we do!

Luckily, No-Shame November is all about no guilt, no shame, and no judgment. Do you love Harlequin Romance novels? Read them! Enjoy young adult or children’s books even though you’re in your 50s? So what? Prefer watching campy sci-fi movies instead of Oscar-winning cinema? Go for it! Would rather read a graphic novel than a New York Times best seller? No problem!

Unless it involves a school or work assignment, there are no “shoulds” when it comes to what you want to spend your time reading or watching. Everybody has different tastes, and that’s why there are so many books, movies, and TV shows in so many different genres. There’s something for everyone. Sometimes you may feel like reading a classic, but other times you may want to read a book that’s the literary equivalent of popcorn -- no nutritional value, but it sure is satisfying! So this November, pick up a guilty pleasure book or movie, and enjoy yourself -- no shame!