Are you for it or are you against it? Or maybe you can see important arguments on both sides of a sensitive issue! Whichever the case, staying up to date about current events means being exposed to a range of controversial issues. From gun rights and the death penalty to the ethical treatment of animals, our society likes to debate issues before making laws or regulations. It's an integral part of our system of government which encourages independent thinking but also requires us to participate in these decision in order to come to a workable consensus.

We have an excellent tool to hep you research the various angles to hundreds of these popular and not-so-popular issues.

Points of View Reference Center

  • Presents hundreds of controversial topics with essays from various sides.
  • Provides topic-based statistical charts and graphs to emphasize key arguments.
  • Along with "points" and "counterpoints", other sources of information include general news coverage, news transcripts and images.

Happy debating!