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Drama! So much drama! Our L.A. Theatre Works' collection of stage plays on audio is full of both classic favorites and modern plays for you to enjoy. Founded in 1974, the organization’s primary mission is to record and preserve performances of important stage plays and make them easily accessible to a worldwide audience.  By offering a voice to underrepresented groups, L.A. Theatre Works (LATW) can bring new plays, especially those that address important social, cultural and historical issues, as well as new playwrights to the attention of world.

World class playwrights, actors and directors work with LATW to create incredible works. Award-winning playwright Neil Simon’s favorite autobiographical plays, known as the “Eugene Trilogy” – Brighton Beach Memoirs, Biloxi Blues, and Broadway Bound – are available for your enjoyment. Also included in our collection are dramas by playwrights such as Charly Evon Simpson, Dylan Thomas, Charlayne Woodard, Arthur Miller, Upton Sinclair, Bruce Coville and Tracy Letts. Some of the talented actors that bring them to life are: John Lithgow, Héctor Elizondo, Richard Dreyfuss, Alfred Molina, Julie Harris, Laura Linney, Jonathan Silverman and Kelsey Grammar.

So, sit back and enjoy the drama by checking out one of these favorites: