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Find your voice and start learning another language with Rosetta Stone.

Named after an ancient stone that unlocked the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Rosetta Stone is now a moniker for unlocking learning. Whether you are planning your next vacation, taking a business trip, learning English as a Second Language or just looking to improve your language skills, Rosetta Stone can help you learn on the go. All you need is your BCLS library card, a web-connected device and a desire to learn one of 30 different languages.

Start using the Mobile App version of Rosetta Stone in 10 easy steps. After installing the app and creating an account, select a language. Customize settings by adjusting speech recognition, voice type and learning focus (reading, writing, speaking or listening). There are 20 units within each language that range from Language Basics to Shopping to Travel and Business

The success of Rosetta Stone lies within its design. It simulates the way people learn their native language with pictures and words in context, rather than focusing on a translation. Rosetta Stone is dedicated to changing people’s lives through the power of language and literacy. Why not get started today?

Learning a new language often goes hand-in-hand with learning about a country or culture. Whether you read a travelogue, biography, or fiction set in another country, checking out a book is a great way to learn about different places.