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What do you do when you’ve read every book by your favorite author? Or when you loved a book and are looking for something similar? We’ve added new interactive features to our library catalog that will make it easier to find your next great book, audiobook, movie, and more.

Search for a favorite item in our catalog, and click on the title to bring up the full entry. Scroll down until you see the “Additional Information” tab. This area contains a treasure trove of content, to include:

  • Title summary
  • About the author
  • More books by the author
  • Series – if the title is part of a series, titles in that series will be listed in order
  • You May Also Like – suggestions from our catalog based on the searched title
  • Professional and reader reviews (or add your own review!)
  • Other formats available in our catalog for the title (e.g., eBook, audiobook)
  • Tags – an exploration tool that allows you to focus on genres, subjects, etc.
  • Book profile with clickable terms
  • Reading level and recommended ages
  • Awards the title has won

All clickable links show you items that are in our catalog and available to place on hold or check out. Explore our new catalog tool to find what you’re looking for … even if you didn’t know it existed!