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New year, same pandemic. But COVID-19 distancing doesn’t need to derail your life. Being stuck at home is challenging for sure, but you can practice self-care by focusing on what you can control. Here are some basic tips for keeping a schedule and finding a new routine that fits your life.

  • Wake up at the same time every day. Easier said than done, we know. But waking up, eating meals, and going to bed at roughly the same time each day will help maintain a feeling of normalcy.
  • Get dressed. The allure of sweatpants is a siren song we’ve all heard, but getting dressed as if you were going to school can help put you in the right mindset to get work done. If you normally wear your hair a certain way, wear it that way. If you wear jewelry, put it on. Look on the bright side — now is the perfect low-stakes time to experiment with new outfits or makeup looks.
  • Designate a space for schoolwork.  A desk, a table, a DIY blanket fort – pick a space that’s only for school and stick to it. Now that all aspects of life are taking place in one location, compartmentalizing will help you focus during school hours, and relax after.
  • For that matter, designate a space for yourself.  It’s not talked about much, but being stuck at home with family all day, every day can be trying. Stake out territory away from parents and siblings for when you just need some alone time. If you have your own bedroom, that will work, or just mark off a corner of a room that you share.
  • Stay connected. It can be easy to fall out of touch with friends when you don’t see them every day, but it can be equally easy to connect virtually. Set up a FaceTime hang out session. It may be weird, but talk on the phone. While text is great, visual and audio connection is more powerful.
  • Limit news consumption to 30 minutes a day. We live in a 24-hour news cycle, but you don’t have to watch all 24 hours of it. It’s important to stay informed, but also to protect your mental health by taking a break.
  • Use this time to learn something new – Check out one of our ebooks for more tips on studying at home, getting organized, staying productive, and coping with anxiety. Try yoga or meditation with a videopodcast or app. Take a college course on Kanopy, or learn a new language through Rosetta Stone.
  • Make something! Creating art with your own two hands has an enormously beneficial effect on the mind. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out Creativebug for project ideas.
  • Escape to another, less boring world. We are the library so you knew we were going to suggest it: read a book! Find just the right title or series that will capture your imagination on NoveList, or try out BCLS Book Match for a personalized recommendation that’s tailored to your specific interests.