Now that you have laid the foundation for your business and it is off the ground, it is time to move to the next level. Staying competitive requires constant monitoring of the competition, getting to know your target audiences and promoting what you do.

Develop Prospect and Competitor Lists

  • Reference Solutions:  Through this leading company & residential directory database, you can develop an Excel or PDF list with contact names, addresses, phone numbers, and company details matching the criteria you select. Reference Solutions covers:
    • 14 million US companies (including a separate file of new businesses)
    • 89 million US residents
    • 300,000 US new homeowners/new movers
    • 855,000 US physicians and dentists
    • Canadian companies and households
  • NJ Biz lists:  See this site for a company and executive contact information organized several lists of  business rankings, many of which are available without charge. BCLS has NJ Book of Lists in hard copy for any lists not available for free on the site.

Explore Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT)

  • EBSCO Business Source Premiere: Contains the full-text (or abstracts) of articles from more than 2,200 trade magazines and professional publications. This database also detailed profiles and reports on over 2,000 industry sectors, and profiles of the world's 10,000 largest companies, plus hundreds of country risk and economic reports..
  • Business Registrations & Filings - LLRX: All businesses are required to file various forms, applications and statements with their state government, and all states make some level of corporate and business filings available online.  Use this site to identify the filing authorities for each state to track down company information.

Gauge Consumer Market Potential – Demographics and Psychographics

  • Demographics Now :  Knowing local market demographics can give your business insight on consumer buying behavior. Access the same consumer lifestyle profiles that large corporations use when making marketing and site selection decisions. Drawn from proprietary and government sources, choose from more than 40 preformatted reports.
  • American Factfinder: Population, housing, economic, and geographic information from US Census Bureau surveys.
  • American Time Use Survey (US Dept. of Labor): Understand how, where, and with whom Americans spend their time, including data on the full range of nonmarket activities, from childcare to volunteering.
  • Consumer Expenditure Survey (US Department of Labor ): Learn about how much the average American spends on various types of products or services. Find spending by age, geographic region, income, race, occupation, and more.
  • NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development: Focused data on NJ workers, wages, jobs and careers, employment and industries, trends and projections, economy and demographics, and more.

Market to the Government

The NJIT Defense Procurement Technical Assistance Center (DPTAC) provides contractual and technical assistance to New Jersey businesses who are interested in marketing their products, services to federal, state and local government agencies. The center operates under a cost sharing cooperative agreement between Department of Defense and New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Consultant for Burlington County: Jan Mirijanian; 609 267 5618 ext. 4519; email

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