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Get ready to celebrate Earth Day on April 22! While we should all be incorporating sustainability into our daily routines, we here at BCLS want to highlight a special way to celebrate Earth Day with families. Did you know you can create fun and lovely works of art from materials that would normally find their way into a landfill? We have curated a list of books in our catalog to give you some great ideas for transforming trash into treasured projects. Check them out in the turnstile below!

  • With all the toilet paper we use, have you ever thought about how you can repurpose the cardboard tubes left behind? The book 51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes will give you and your child plenty of fun ideas.
  • Most households also have a cache of cardboard from cereal boxes and online orders. Titles like Out of the Box will demonstrate how you can change boring old cardboard into beautiful balancing butterflies.