Science HelpScientists are known for being the questioning type. They use questions to explore the world and come up with answers, explanations and solutions to phenomena around us. The questions they ask lead to hypotheses. Hypotheses are backed up by observations, which are measured and collected and then analyzed for patterns. If you've done a science experiment, you know that the process is not easy.

To help you work through some of the ideas you come across in your science class, we recommend two great resources. 

Science Online is an online research site from our partners at Facts on File. It is a great starting point for budding scientists who want to get the basics. The essays, articles and diagrams are easy to understand and give you just enough information. It also has a great collection of science experiments, a timeline of science and quick videos.

The Science Reference Center is a great tool when you need to delve in a little deeper. This resource provides an article search for published material on your topic. Some of the material may also come from books and many are from journals and very specialized magazines.

Use these 24/7 tools with your library card and you too can help answer the how, what, when and where.