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It has been 130 years since Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective story first appeared in print and we never tire of the adaptations and re-imaginings that continue to appear in books, films and television. Even though only 60 stories from Doyle’s work featured Sherlock Holmes, there are more than 350 titles available in the library system that have something to do with the famous detective. And, the list continues to grow whenever someone recreates the world Doyle originally presented so long ago.

Although Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable characters in literature, the name usually brings to mind his trusted friend and associate, Dr. John Watson. All Dr. Watson was looking for was a flat to rent, never expecting his search to lead to one of the most famous friendships of all time. Whether you’re more of a Watson or a Sherlock, you’ll enjoy reading this strange, yet endearing, friendship that continues to blossom during the most intriguing mysteries.