Important events make history. So do men and women and their contributions to society. Studying these is important because it gives a window to our past. Taken all together we get a picture of how things were in other eras and this gives us the chance to learn from the good deeds (and the bad). With so many deeds and people to remember and learn, it helps to have a place for easy-to-understand explanations.

We've got just the right tool for you!  Google is great but we have something better. The library has access to research sites that can help you look up information. These online tools help you find information about topics in history and social studies . Whether you are studying American history or ancient civilizations we have a Facts on File resource for just that. Best of all the sites are designed just for students! You can also get related content such as images, videos, maps all in one place.

Check out what other student-friendly resources we provide through our partners at Facts on File.