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The leaves are turning, the temperature is falling and it’s almost time for Halloween. Depending on your preference, Halloween can be spooky or “spoopy.” Spoopy refers to the silly, cute, or whimsical side of Halloween, like the films Casper the Friendly Ghost or Hocus Pocus, while spooky is geared more for those interested in horror and suspense. Instead of being a neat and tidy binary, books and other media fall on a spoopy-spooky spectrum. We’ve tried our best to separate our suggested titles, but you may find that some titles fall closer to the middle of the spectrum.

If you can’t get enough of all things spoopy and spooky, use your library card to find your next read with Novelist. Novelist’s Appeal Mixer is especially useful for finding great books because you can narrow the results down using criterion such as tone, character and pacing. Sometimes you want a book that is creepy with great world building, and other times you want a menacing and suspenseful story that features
a complex protagonist.

Whether you are into all things spoopy or spooky, BCLS has your next read.