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The Burlington County Library System is so lucky to have a team with wide-ranging knowledge and diverse interests. While many customers may know the names and faces of librarians at their local branch, we want to take the time to introduce more of our staff from around the system.

Hey! I’m Miss Jess and I am a library assistant at the Pemberton Library. I have worked at the Pemberton branch for 14 years, starting as a student assistant putting away books. Now I work at the checkout desk and help our children’s librarian, Miss Theresa, offer programs to kids and plan Summer Reading. The best part about being involved with the children’s programs is seeing the kids and their enthusiasm about the library!

Fun facts about me:

  • I collect Funko Pop figures. I currently have more than 50, ranging from Disney princesses to Marvel superheroes.
  • I absolutely love musicals. I have seen more than 20 professional productions between Philly and New York.
  • Whenever I run out of new shows to watch on Netflix or Hulu, I go back to my all-time favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother.
  • I like to watch people play video games, but am horrible at playing them myself. My favorites are the games that involve making choices that affect the storyline, like Until Dawn or Life is Strange. Games like these are the most fun to play with your friends.
  • I love to bake and I’m currently on a mission to perfect my technique for the French macaron. I use this love of baking to teach kids at the library basic cooking skills during a monthly program, Cooking Class.
  • I love all things nerdy. From Harry Potter to superhero television shows/movies, if it’s nerdy, I probably like it.
  • I am a founding member of the library system’s Fandom Fest convention. I love being a part of something that grows in awesomeness every year and helps other nerds like me find a place where they can fit in, even if it’s only for a day.

Check out some of my favorites from the library!