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Whether learning at home, in school, or in a hybrid format, BCLS is committed to helping students, caregivers, and educators access resources and services to help with all education needs. The links below are some of our most popular services.

Students can access the BCLS Homework Center to use all of our digital resources and databases, or use their library card to check out an eBook or eAudiobook from our digital collection. If a student does not have an existing library card, caregivers can apply for one using our online library card application. A library card can be used to request items, log onto our digital resources, and utilize Curbside Pickup for contactless use of the library! Educators should check out the Teacher's Page for a full list of educator services available through BCLS. Click below for the Educator Card application or to use our Classroom Assistant service.


Resources for Students Resources for Educators Resources for Caregivers

Homework Center

eBooks and Audiobooks for Kids

eBooks and Audiobooks for Teens

Teachers Page

Educator Card Application

Classroom Assistant

Library Card Application

Online Resources A-Z

Curbside Pickup