Try these links for timely, relevant analysis of New Jersey’s economy and key industries.

Demographics Now
Geographic business intelligence & mapping for all US geographies.   Focus broadly or narrowly as you choose, and get business and population demographics and mapping for business planning, market analysis, determining business locations, lifestyle customer segmentation, and more.

NJ Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development Focus Industry Clusters
Industry clusters are the engines that drive job expansion. See this site for analyses of New Jersey's key industry clusters from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development's team of labor market analysts. Clusters covered include health care, leisure/hospitality/retail, advanced manufacturing, and others.

NJ Business Portal: Industry Overviews
To encourage companies to locate in New Jersey, these overviews focus on State’s strengths  and highlight business incentive for these key industries: (YE)
A practical tool for researchers, business leaders, and economic-growth professionals, this site provides timely, detailed - yet quick and easy-to-access - information about businesses, agencies and organizations (establishments), and jobs at the national, state, metropolitan (MSA), and county levels.  Look at regional economies and their business and industry activities in unique ways, such as by business stages that reflect different operational and management issues that companies face as they grow from startups to mature companies.

At a related site is, which combines two independent databases, PitchBook (directory of over 16,500 establishments supported by private capital) and NETS (a time-series database of 44 million U.S. business establishments) allowing users to compare the performance of private capital-backed companies to the general U.S. economy from 2009 going back to 1995 by state and MSA.

State & Local Industry Data from the US Census Bureau
Economic and business statistics at state, regional, and local levels