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Even though we haven’t been under British rule since the 18th century, many Americans are fascinated by the royal family, as proven by the interest in, and support for Prince Harry’s recent engagement to American Meghan Markle. The history of the royal family is quite extensive, traced back to 802 A.D. with Egbert, first King of the English. So naturally, all that history makes for some family drama.

The British royal family we know today doesn’t have much to do in regard to ruling the country since Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy, but that doesn’t stop it from inspiring great stories. In the current Netflix drama The Crown, the beginning of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign is not without its share of drama. Whether or not you have Netflix, the library can help you discover more about the royal family, especially about the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her family, before the new season of The Crown airs on December 8.

Many movies, television shows, and books have told stories of past and current royal families and we have many to choose from in our catalog. If you’re intrigued by the lives and history of the British royal family, check out the collection available with your library card.