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Located in London, UK. The British Museum opened its doors to the public in 1759 and was the first free national public museum in the world. Exhibiting 2 million years of human history and culture through its collection of antiquities, and artwork amassed during its imperial expansion through colonization, donations and purchases. The museum is open to 6 million visitors every year.

Now it is also accessible through virtual tours! There are currently 8 million objects in its collections, which include Egypt, China, Africa, Americas, Medieval Europe, Animals, Desire, Love and Identity, to name a few. The online collection is ongoing and artifacts continue to be added to the virtual platform.

The British Museum features more than 60 galleries. Some notable galleries to visit include Egyptian, Medieval Europe with its renowned medieval treasures, the Enlightenment Gallery with its collection from 1680 to 1820, Mexico, Africa and many more. The virtual galleries include  Oceania with artifacts from Australia, New Guinea and other South Pacific Islands, and the Prints and Drawings virtual gallery. Currently, the free exhibits include French Impressionists; Piranesi Drawings; Edmond De Waal, Library of Exile, a collection of more than 2000 books in translation written by exiled authors; and Raphael in 2020. There are tours available, both free and with fees. Recent ones include Nordic by Nature, and Living with Art: From Picasso to Celmins. Set aside several days to explore history and truly navigate and experience this immense collection!