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Built in the 1450’s, the Topkapi Palace Museum is based in Istanbul, capital of Turkey and exhibits the imperial collection of the Ottoman Empire. Initially made as a complex that housed the residence and courts of the ruling Sultan’s of the Ottoman Empire, it is now open to the public for tours and exhibits. The layout of the Museum consists of four courtyards, each exhibiting it’s unique holdings with the artisan’s pavilion, imperial courts administrative centers, palace kitchens and confectionaries, private quarters including the harem, the Library of Sultan Ahmed III and terraced gardens and pavilions. 

The second courtyard known as the Divan Square also holds some rare religious artifacts in its collection, such as the staff of Moses, Abraham’s bowl, Joseph’s turban, David’s sword, Muhammed’s mantle and much more. These were amassed during the Ottoman Empire’s 600 year conquest and expansion across Europe and the Middle East. A half day trip to this beautiful Palace Museum will cover all the exhibits, walks through the courtyards and tour of the gardens and pavilions. 

You don’t have to travel to Turkey to tour the museum. Explore this 360 degree virtual tour.