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Election season is the perfect time to teach young children about civic responsibility, even if they’re too young to cast their own ballots. Try some of these tips to help kids understand the voting process and why it’s so important!

  • Stage a pretend family vote: Vote on a weekend activity or what food to eat for dinner; it can be anything! This will help illustrate the concept of majority.
  • Talk about people who had to fight for the right to vote: Educating kids about the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Suffrage helps them understand that voting is a vital part of being American.
  • Get excited about Election Day: Treat Election Day like a holiday and circle it on the calendar. Decorate the house or throw a family party. When they see you excited, kids get excited too.
  • Let them experience voting firsthand: Children are allowed to come into the voting booth with parents, but even if that’s not ideal this year, let them see you complete your ballot at home and help you mail it.
  • Try reading one of these picture books about voting, available through BCLS Curbside Pickup!