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There’s perhaps no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with a bowl of cold, delicious ice cream! President Ronald Reagan must have agreed because in 1984, he declared July to be National Ice Cream Month. In addition, he set aside the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. Americans quickly caught on to the sweet idea, and we’ve been celebrating ever since!

Want to join in the fun? Here are some ways you can celebrate National Ice Cream Month:

  • Make homemade ice cream! - Making your own ice cream might sound challenging, but almost anyone can do it! You can find plenty of ice cream recipe books in our catalog.
  • Throw an ice cream party! - It’s no fun eating ice cream all by yourself, so why not ask your family and friends to join you? Set up an ice cream bar with all kinds of flavors and toppings so that everyone can pick and choose what they want.
  • Get creative with empty ice cream cartons! - The fun doesn’t stop when the ice cream is gone! Empty ice cream cartons can be used to make musical instruments or boxes to hold small toys
  • And of course…read about ice cream! - Whether you’re looking to learn where ice cream came from, how it’s made, or just want to read a fun story about this popular dessert, the library has you covered.

To find more “cool” books about ice cream, check out our lists below. Have a great National Ice Cream Month!