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Artists, dreamers and creators unite! March is Youth Art Month and this year’s theme is “Art Connects Us.”

Started in 1961 by the Art and Creative Materials Institute [ACMI] as Children’s Art Month and eventually changed to Youth Art Month to include an older age group, this celebration’s purpose is to promote visual art education. The ACMI recognized that studying and practicing art is a powerful tool for all minds, young and old. The process of producing art encourages a growth mindset, strength and resiliency, self-confidence, communication skills, and a greater level of understanding — between the arts and other subjects, of self, and of others.

Sadly, when budgeting becomes an issue, often the first classes to be cut from the roster are those that fall under the visual arts category. All of this is why Youth Art Month exists and why we celebrate it here. Check out just a few of our amazing art resources below or search our online catalog for something more specific. Get creating and make sure to share all of your amazing art with us on social media. Let’s celebrate!